The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the need for strong priority setting goals for countriesin Africa. This priority setting goal should go beyond the creation of vaccines and emergencyresponse systems. Prioritization is required to reduce socioeconomic inequities, strengthen health systems, and protect the quality of life for vulnerable populations. As countries grapple with the pandemic, it has […]

NTDs – Think Global Health

Africa can’t unleash its great potential until it ends neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This group of parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections, which include intestinal worms, schistosomiasis, and trachoma, infect more than 600 million people in Africa and more than 1.7 billion people worldwide. And far from being a distraction during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are […]

Organizational behavior

As a scholar, I am trained in organizational behavior at the University of Pennsylvania. My research examined the section of management sociology and organization. An understanding of interpersonal workings that immigrant professionals have within the organizations yields an in-depth understanding of how they fit the new organizational culture that they find themselves in. This paper […]

NCD – Not Connecting the dots job market paper

This publication is aimed to guide national and regional NCD advocates to engage with regional and global advocacy, to explore the benefits associated, and opportunities and mechanisms for doing so with focus on relevant multilateral organisations and their governance and decision-making spaces/bodies/processes. Over the last two decades, global action to combat NCDs has been accelerated […]

PhD Dissertation – Evidence-Based Management: Panacea or Placebo? Insights from Nigerian HIV/AIDS Service Delivery

Evidence-Based Management: Panacea or Placebo? Insights from Nigerian HIV/AIDS Service Delivery New Public Management revolutionized the study of management, but increasingly, practitioners and academics focus on what is called evidence-based management (EBMgt) and new public service. Evidence-based management can be defined as the manner in which organizations utilize data and information to inform decision-making processes […]