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 I am a social impact professional and global health pracademic (practitioner + academic) passionate about transforming lives and improving communities! I am driven by a keen sense of innovation and collaboration when it comes to tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges.

About Tegan

Welcome to my page! My name is Tegan, and I am on a mission to make the world better through research and scholarship! 

I hold a PhD in Public Policy & a Doctorate in health sciences. I received my doctoral training in Public & International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh (2017 – 2021). I am trained in the use of evidence-based management as a tool for improving health care delivery in Africa. My other research areas are organizational behavior and international development. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I spearheaded global communication efforts regarding vaccination in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast. Additionally, I examined how countries contemplated gender perspectives in their pandemic response plans across eight select WHO AFRO countries.

I received my Master of Philosophy in organizational behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. I also earned my Master’s in public administration & global affairs from New York University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in history from Duke University.

Outside of academia, I work as a social impact and media professional. I have supported a range of philanthropic and international development initiatives in the United States and Africa. They span the fields of global public health, gender/social equality, human rights, education, and more.

In the field of communications, I have developed a plethora of public engagement campaigns around the world. Moreover, I have extensive experience producing informative content around health and social issues.

I am always open to partnership and collaboration on projects. You can reach out to me if you want to connect and learn more!

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