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I am a social impact consultant & a global health pracademic (practitioner + academic) passionate about advancing transforming lives and improving communities!

About Tegan

I hold a doctorate in health sciences & a PhD in Public Policy. I received my doctoral training in Public & International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh (2017 – 2021). My research focuses on evidence-based management as a tool for improving health care delivery in Africa. My other research areas are organizational behavior and international development. 

I received my Master of Philosophy in organizational behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. I also earned a master’s degree in public administration & global affairs from New York University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in history from Duke University.

Outside of academia, I work as a social impact and media professional. I have supported a range of philanthropic and international development initiatives in the United States and Africa. My work has addressed issues relating to global health, gender/social equality, human rights, education, racial equity, etc. In addition, I have also spearheaded a plethora of local and national campaigns in multiple countries.

I am currently working on a multidimensional COVID-19 portfolio!

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